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Currently, residential energy use accounts for approximately 42 per cent of Victoria’s energy related Green House Gas emissions. We want to help you reduce this.

How Energy Assessors Can Help

The average annual residential energy bill is $2000. There are significant opportunities for households to increase the efficiency of their home and spend less on their energy bills. The average household in Victoria only rates 3/10 on the Scorecard energy efficiency rating scale.

FREE thanks to Government Rebates

Here is the GREAT news: The Victorian Government will fund an inspection with one of our accredited assessors through the Victorian Energy Upgrade Scheme.


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What is an Energy Assessment?

A home energy rating assessment is a comprehensive evaluation conducted by a qualified professional to assess the energy performance of your house, including its fixed appliances. The assessment results in a rating that provides a detailed analysis of the home’s energy performance and its various features. Along with the rating, homeowners receive expert advice that highlights potential actions they can undertake to enhance performance and effectively reduce energy bills.

Why should I get an Energy Assessment?

Getting a Scorecard rating from a government-accredited assessor will help you make the best choices by providing targeted information to ensure that any money you spend on upgrades will lead to a cheaper-to-run, more comfortable home.

Common reasons to have an assessment include:

  • Experiencing elevated energy bills or a recent surge in billing costs
  • Noticing drafts or air leakage in your home or specific rooms
  • Struggling with discomfort due to extreme cold during winter and/or excessive heat during summer
  • Considering a complete transition to all-electric systems in your home
  • Seeking to minimize your home’s environmental impact
  • Planning to sell your home and aiming to leverage its energy efficiency rating as a marketing advantage
  • Contemplating the purchase of a new home and desiring insight into suitable energy efficiency upgrades
  • Renting a home and aiming to reduce your energy expenses
  • As a rental provider, wishing to upgrade a property to ensure tenant comfort and satisfaction, thereby promoting tenant retention

How do you assess the energy efficiency of a home?

During the Scorecard assessment process, a qualified assessor will visit your home to conduct a comprehensive on-site evaluation. The assessment aims to gather data on various fixed appliances and features of your home, which will be input into the government-supported Scorecard tool. The assessed factors include the households building materials, insulation, ventilation and design features, among others. The data collected during the assessment is used to generate your Scorecard Certificate, which provides a comprehensive overview of your home’s energy efficiency performance with a rating out of 10. It also serves as a basis for informed discussions with the assessor, allowing them to provide tailored advice and recommendations for improving your home’s energy efficiency.

How can you provide the energy assessments for Free?

The Essential Services Commission is introducing a rebate through the Victorian Energy Upgrades Scheme to subsidise the cost of energy inspections. The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program is a market-based program that helps Victorians to cut their power bills and reduce GHG emissions by encouraging energy consumers to upgrade to energy efficiency technologies.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who either owns or rents a home in Victoria is eligible for a free inspection.

*Hostels, boarding houses and retirement villages do not currently fall under the VEU Scheme.

Will I be asked for any payment?

We will never ask for payment of any sort. The scheme is being funded through the Victorian Energy Upgrades Scheme.

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